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    Tulare Youth Soccer League & Tulare Force FC


    TYSL’s unwavering commitment to provide the safest possible environment for our families, coaches and board members is our highest priority.  Soccer is more than an activity for us, it is our passion!


    What is TYSL and TFFC?

    Tulare Youth Soccer League (TYSL Rec) News


    Rosters have been given out for those coaches who have cleared their background checks!


    Games start September 9th.

    Picture Day

    Picture Day is September 24th.


    Tulare Force FC (NorCal Competitive) News

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    Fall 2023 Sportsmanship Message (from NorCal)



    This weekend marks the beginning of Fall League for numerous teams in our club including 4 home games at Alpine Vista.  We want to remind families (new and returning) that appropriate sideline behavior is a point of emphasis by NorCal Premier and something we take very seriously as a club.

    Unfortunately, the number of referees continues to dwindle so many road games will often be played with just one referee.   Much like coaches and players, referees will make mistakes especially when there are less eyes on the field.  The old saying is that you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar; we don’t want to get labeled by referees as a club that is constantly questioning calls. Additionally, if sideline behavior becomes a problem, referees can submit PAD reports to NorCal which could lead to possible sanctions against the club.

    We will be utilizing Veo cameras at as many games as possible to not only help coaches with film study, but also to evaluate coaches’ command of their sideline and help decipher potential claims made in a PAD report.  Please be aware: the camera microphone picks up A LOT.

    We couldn’t have an opening week newsletter without bringing up fundraising as well. We’ve received plenty of feedback over the last couple of weeks and the club has ultimately determined that families would like to see funds that have been raised directly benefit teams over the idea of bringing in hired help. With that being said, we have decided to cancel plans to hire a Technical Director and Goalkeeping Director and instead go a different direction focusing on helping build up team accounts.  

    We’ve realized that helping more of our team’s experience what the 2012 Girls and 2014 Boys have accomplished the last two weekends at tournaments is something that we need to prioritize.  The current discount card fundraiser will now be split 50/50 between the club’s general fund and team accounts. For example, a team like the 2010 Boys with 18 players on the roster will have sold 180 cards at $20 each for $3600.  Subtract the cost of cards @ $6x180 = $1080 and $2520 has been raised.  Half of that ($1260) will be going to the team directly which can be used for tournaments, play dates, etc.  

    Thanks to the fundraising efforts, you will also notice that several canopies have been purchased and will be set up for home games so that our teams and opponents are able to avoid the elements and coaches aren’t having to spend time setting up their own.

    In preparation for opening weekend, the swag store will be open at the TDES Sopas Hall (515 North I St) this Friday night from 6:30 to 8:30 for last minute apparel purchases heading into the season.  Scarves might not be the first thing you think of in August, but it’s one of our best-selling items and the weather won’t stay hot all season.

    Picture Day has been scheduled for Sunday, September 24th at the Elk Bayou Complex.  There will also be a makeup day on Wednesday, October 25th. This makeup day is only for individual players who were unable to participate on 9/24. We will not have the manpower to accommodate entire teams taking their team & individual photos that day.

    Lastly, there has been quite a bit of turnover over the past few years on our board and the remaining board members are having to take on more and more duties which is nearing an unsustainable level.  If anyone is looking to assist the club on either the competitive or recreation side, please reach out and we can discuss a role that best fits your strengths. The long-term viability of the program depends on volunteer support as “many hands make light work”.

    Good luck to everyone this weekend and GO FORCE!!!