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Tulare Force FC

Why Competitive Soccer?

One recurring question from parents is “...when is the right time to  consider a move to competitive soccer?” Moving to a competitive soccer team is a per‐player consideration and can happen at many  different ages. For some, the desire to focus on soccer, to build on  individual skills and advance to the next level, to play longer each  year and to attend tournaments, may feel like the logical next step  in their development. Many families find that the rec level offers a  broad  spectrum  of  competition  and  years  of  development  opportunities  for  their child. But  for  those  ready or considering a  move  to  (or within)  the  competitive  system, we  provide  detailed information regarding the annual soccer tryout window which will  occur each spring. 

Consider the following


Before committing your player to the rigors of competitive soccer: 

  • Developmental Readiness - Technically and Mentally. Do not overlook the mental aspect  of moving to Competitive. Many players may be technically sound but are not engaged in  the game enough to compete consistently at an advanced level.  
  • Commitment: Competitive teams require more time. Most teams have multiple  practices and attend tournaments. Tournaments may include travel cost and entry fees.  Competitive teams may play locally (Fresno, Clovis, Hanford, Visalia, etc.) for league  games. 
  • Playing  Time:  As  a  parent  you  need  to  be  realistic  to  where  your  child  fits.  If  the  environment is too intense, where he or she can’t develop because every other player is  too far ahead, then it won’t be enjoyable for the player and will likely lead to burnout.  There is no ‘minimum’ amount of playing time as there is in rec soccer. Playing time is the  decision of the coach and is normally based on ability and work ethic during games and  at practice.
  • Social Aspects: The reason your child is playing soccer, or any sport, is for the enjoyment  of the game. If you child is having fun in the environment they are in (coaches, friends and  development)  they  are  most  likely  in  the  right  spot.  The  players  that  start  to  show  a  competitive edge by maybe getting frustrated by players around them, from lack of skill  level  or  focus,  are  the  players  that  could  potentially  have  more  fun  in  stronger  competition.
  • Expenses: Competitive programs are more expensive than recreational.  Expenses,  beyond registration, vary by team and tournament commitments

Tulare force fc style of Play:


  • Build from the Back
  • Possession Based Soccer
  • Physical
  • Proactive

2022-23 Fees and Explanation

All Ages

Registration Fee: $150 - Helps cover US Club soccer registration fees, club liability insurance, administrative expenses, practice shirt, and all other club related expenses.  The registration fee is non-refundable.  Multi-Family discount available.

Monthly Fee: $30 - 10 months.  Helps cover fall and/or spring league fees, practice field and equipment expenses, game field expenses, referee costs, and all other club related expenses associated playing in NorCal premier.  Families may pay all fees at once or over 10 months.

Uniform Fees: $155 (est.) - Purchased on, includes a home jersey, short, and sock kit and away jersey, short, and sock kit.  Per our agreement with Adidas, uniform kits are on a 2-year cycle.  Individual teams/coaches may require additional team gear purchases (jackets, backpacks, etc.)

Other Team Expenses - Coaches will work with team parents to pay for events outside of the fees stated above.  These fees may include NorCal events, local tournament play, travel tournament play, clinics, camps, etc.

NorCal Premier 2022/23 Age Group Matrix and Playing Format

Birth Year Age Group # of Players Game Length Ball Size # of Referees
2014 U9 7 v 7 2 x 25 min 4 1
2013 U10 7 v 7 2 x 25 min 4 1
2012 U11 9 v 9 2 x 30 min 4 1
2011 U12 9 v 9 2 x 30 min 4 1
2010 U13 11 v 11 2 x 35 min 5 3
2009 U14 11 v 11 2 x 40 min 5 3
2008 U15 11 v 11 2 x 40 min 5 3
2007 U16 11 v 11 2 x 40 min 5 3
2006 U17 11 v 11 2 x 45 min 5 3
2005 U18 11 v 11 2 x 45 min 5 3